Announcing the Creation of J.C.’s Weekly OFFF Award!

You know, there really are a lot of truly spectacular frauds out there.  From psychics and mediums, to faith healers and televangelists, some of these people could put the best snake-oil salesmen of yesteryear to shame without breaking a sweat.

Unfortunately, these poor souls very rarely receive any recognition for their talents.  I mean, sure, they get mad respect from the people who are actually gullible enough to buy their BS, but I wonder of it ever saddens them that no one ever notices what great swindlers they are.  After all, some of these people have worked quite hard to become masters of charlatanry, and yet, they get no appreciation for their efforts.

That is why I’m announcing the creation of J.C.’s Weekly OFFF Award for Outstanding Fraud, Fakery and Fallaciousness! Every week, one lucky shyster will be the recipient of
this prestigious award in recognition of their extraordinary performance in these areas.

Nominations for the award will be taken throughout each week, and winners will be announced every Saturday, so send me your nominations at wordpress or twitter today!


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