Proud to be Intolerant

I’m extremely busy today, so this post will be short.


In recognition of the Supreme Court hearings on the issue of same sex marriage, I’d like to make a few comments about intolerance and oppression. Both are issues that are central to gay rights, but they have also recently become rallying cries for fundamentalists and others who oppose them.

When coming from that sector, the general claim is that gay rights supporters are being intolerant and oppressive of those who believe that homosexuality is a sin and that homosexuals should not be entitled to equal rights, due to that fact.  Most gay rights supporters (in my experience) counter this argument by pointing out that it is the other side who is being intolerant of homosexuals, and that affording other people equal rights is the opposite of oppression.  I see things a little differently.

I say that, in my case at least, the gay rights opposition is absolutely correct.  I am intolerant.  I am 100% intolerant of bigoted, discriminatory beliefs, based on ancient, outdated moral codes.  I am intolerant of those who would hide behind those beliefs to justify their own bigotry and hatred towards those who are different than they.  I am intolerant of any who would oppose the affording of equal rights to all people.  And, call it oppression if you will, but I will continue to speak out and fight against all those who embrace such ideals.

So, there you have it.  On this issue, I am intolerant, and I am proud of it.



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